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Minecraft online game Minecraft online game
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Explor...
3D Worm 3D Worm
A 3D version similar to snake.
Penguinoids Penguinoids
A bit like Breakout but with penguins. Use the seesaw to bounce the peng...
Organ-ise Organ-ise
A bit of manic ER style madness with a really serious message highlighti...
H K Cafe H K Cafe
A cafe running simulation game. Cook and serve the food to the hungry cu...
Underground Underground
A Donkey Gong remake with a crow instead of the big ape.
Super Flash Mario Bros. Super Flash Mario Bros.
A flash remake of the original Super Mario Bros.
Thin Ice Thin Ice
A fun game from the movie "The Incredibles."
One Soldier One Soldier
A fun game in which you play as a soldier out to avenge his brother.
Cheese Hunt Cheese Hunt
A fun platform game where you must collect all of the cheese.
Disorderly Disorderly
Move old people from a retirement home to accommodate younger ones and i...
Super MPCorp Land Super MPCorp Land
A game that resembles Super Mario. Rescue your friend Jbeu kidnapped by ...
Legend Of Dragon Fist Legend Of Dragon Fist
A great beat 'em up, influenced by old skool kung fu movies. Defeat...
Muay Thai Muay Thai
A great fighting game, somewhat similar to Street Fighter.
Catacombs Catacombs
A Horde of evil monsters rampaged the kingdom and has abducted the King....
Estupidezz Estupidezz
A marvelous colorful remake of the thrilling game Madness Interactive.
Super Fighter 2 Super Fighter 2
A nice 1 on 1 fighting game.
Splatman Splatman
A nice little version of Pacman. Eat all the dots and fruits to proceed ...
Pin Pals Pin Pals
A nice, little, online flash version of bowling where you play against a...
The Package The Package
A package bomb has been activated and you've no chance to escape, u...
Megaman Goes To Hell Megaman Goes To Hell
A funny parody where Megaman, the game character, goes to hell.
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